Missing Referees


Once you get to the field, and there are no officials, do not call the office or any other C.M.S.A. contacts because there is nothing that we can do to get you officials after the games have reached their start time.

Teams have two options regarding this situation:

  • If both Teams agree to play and officiate the game yourselves then the winning/tying team must report the score as a completed game. Both teams will receive a referee refund at the end of the season for the game.
  • If teams decide not to play a regulation game and the teams are on a Neutral Field, then they must leave the field, and email your League Commissioner the time, location, and teams involved that you had no officials. Then you can reschedule the game. If neither team has a home field to reschedule the game then you will need to contact your League Commissioner. The League will reschedule the game.

The league and our commissioners have no way of getting officials to games if they are not there to begin the game. CMSA does not schedule the officials. The CMSA game schedules are given to the independent referee association that is hired to supply the officials. CMSA does not have the referee’s contact info. We do not know what referee’s are assigned to each field. You pay CMSA then we pay the referee association. They supply the officials. If they don’t show up then they don’t get paid.

All that CMSA can do is schedule, post and order officials for our league games. (There is NO GUARANTEE that the officials show up for any game).