2022 Fall Bye Request Form

The team that requested the BYE will need to follow the information below.

As soon as the schedules are posted (you will need to schedule the Bye request game with your opponent)

If you do not have your opponent’s contact information, you will need to email (League Commissioner) for your opponents contact information.

After you contact your opponent and both coaches agree on the make-up date, then the team that requested the Bye/Cancellation will need to email their LEAGUE COMMISSIONER. In the email, the following information will be required: The Coaches names & the age group, your opponent’s Name & email approving the make-up game, the date, the time, and the location of the make-up game. Once the information is received by the league office, the game will be posted on the website in the schedule section, and the league will have officials assigned to the game.

If the teams are rescheduling a game on a Saturday or Sunday the game will need to be scheduled either (one hour before, or immediately following the last game that is scheduled on the field). Teams must check with their Field Coordinator to make sure that the field is available and the times that CMSA has games scheduled that day. Games can be scheduled during the week at anytime provided you or your opponent has a field. Otherwise we cannot get Officials.

Please note: if a team cannot play the game on the make-up date the game becomes a LOSS to that team (that cancels) with all fees assessed to them. If the game is never rescheduled, the team that cancelled will be responsible for all fees incurred & receive a 3-0 loss. 


Bye Request Information